Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Yet more white.....

Managed to get another Sangy Guard done today, with a few changes from the original.

As I want to get the army ready for the Ammobunker Open Bash in early June, and im not the fastest painter, i've changed how im doing the white - instead of washing the whole fig with the grey shading wash im applying it selectively to the recesses and cleaning up with white after.

Much faster than the original method as im no longer having to paint multiple layers of white over the grey shade, the majority I can do with one white pass. Downside with this is that the first one using this method is a little rough, can only get better from here though.

I think I might of finally come up with a method of doing the wings thats pleasing to the eye - went with a (very) rough black to grey blend going towards the bottom of the wing. I think it fits better with the rest of the fig myself.

Going to start another SG now, i'll leave you with a pic of where the painting is at so far. With any luck I should have him finished within a couple of days.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Beautiful! Good job with white armor, great shading on both the black and gold wings, and love the power weapon effect.

  2. Awesome work mate - the blades on the power weapons are superb.

  3. Cheers guys.

    If there's enough call for it i'll have a look at working up a tutorial for the power weapons at some point.