Thursday, 24 March 2011

1 Squad down, 3 to go.......

I've been plagued by laziness the last couple of days, which took a 2 day paintjob into something that took nearly a week. Not a good thing when your painting to a deadline.

Ideally this would of been posted a few days ago as I wanted to do a write up on the army list today, instead i'll post that at the weekend.

Lack of speed aside, i've managed to get the first squad of Sanguinary Guard complete. Very pleased with this as i've managed to paint 5 white armoured marines without harming myself or anybody else. Only another 15 plus characters to go......

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm really impressed. White is really tough and you've pulled off a clean and powerful finish.


    Multiple units like this will really look the business.

    Would you say they look better up close and personal or are the photographs doing them justice?

  2. Cheers!

    Tyhe pics are about as close to real life as possible, except for them being massive on a screen - for example, the blown up photo in the post is about 15" tall on my monitor, where in fact the figure is just shy of 2". Your always going to be able to find mistakes on blown up pictures though.

  3. These are stunning...I for once am lost for words.

  4. Again, fantastic work mate - really stunning group when together like this - a real standout.

  5. yeah the white is striking , going to be one of the best looking sangy lists around I think .... I'm in the process of trying to one-up ya with my first squad of Trueborn , nearly done 2 ;o)

  6. Impressive white armour indeed and great scheme.

    Oh, and I love the golds too. :)

  7. That's some quality paint slinging!

    Nice job man.