Thursday, 17 March 2011

Weekday wip.....

Just a quick post today, with a wip of the current Sanguinary Guard on the desk.

The parchment areas have had a wash of Devlan Mud over the white undercoat to block them out, then it'll be the wings and armour. Hoping to have him finished tonight so i'll throw up some finished pics then.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm loving your work on this, you're creating some striking minis. If I thought I could pull of white as well as you, I'd be tempted to go Encarmine myself. Thanks for posting and keep it up!

  2. Very nice and clean. Can't wait to see the next step

  3. Thanks very much.

    The next step should be the finished fig, just about to finish the wings then it's just the armour and basing.

  4. Ahh crispy white goodness , I must say you are being very productive all of a sudden ....

    Do they use Daz ultra ?

    Sorry not commented much, been struck down with the plague , stupid mon keigh body ....

  5. Very productive? Thats what 4 weeks off sick will do to you.