Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Yet more Chaos.....

It always happens. Come back to something with a bit of enthusiasm and then you can't do it for a while. That's why I didn't post anything the last week or so or get back to comments (apologies!), A couple of days after I last posted it was time to leave the paints and desk behind for a while and take some much needed time away with the wife.

We spent a week in Cornwall, right next to the sea. Loads of awesome stuff to see including a couple of castles, one of which gave me some awesome ideas for building some Dark Ages terrain but that's for another time.

Before we left though I did start on another character for my AoS Chaos force in the shape of a Sorcerer Lord. Again went with the chipped black and gold with a dark grey robe and some red as a spot colour. A couple of hours and some basing when we got back and he was good to go.

Still not sure what/if im going to use on the base with regards to grass or other elements so i'll leave that for now.

When we got back from our break I took delivery of a copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, at some stage that will get broken into for playing and adding the Tzeentch elements to the force. I may even pick up a few more of the monsters to expand the units.

One thing that it did get me doing first was looking at other heroes, particularly ones that could do double duty in my force. I've had a half painted Lord of Plagues (or the plastic Nurgle Lord given that when I started painting it, it had a square base!) sat waiting for finishing for a while so off the square base it came with a round in its place.

The flesh is going to go a bit lighter then bruised up with some glazing while the armour im in two minds about - go with the chipped black and gold of the rest of the characters or a more traditional Nurgle green?

That'll be about it for today but with any luck I may have something else cooked up for the weekend.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Another go eh?

I know I say it every time but one day it'll stick - time to give the blog another go. Nearly a whole two years this time, possibly a new record!

I've not painted a huge amount of 40k of late, after 7th ed came out I lost all desire to play with a bloated, convoluted rule set and set about looking for alternatives. I've still got my 30k project ongoing (Calth era Word Bearers) and a possible new Space Wolf force, but my main gaining focus is Bolt Action at the moment. 

Since I've last posted the whirlwind that is Age of Sigmar has blown in and pissed a lot of people off and brought just as many people in. I've been on the sidelines and figured it was time to get involved so it was back to my Chaos forces with an Everchosen army. I've knocked up a test figure to get a rough idea of how I want them to look that I think works. 

That's about all the rambling for now, hopefully next time there may be a bit more structure.