Friday, 17 December 2010

Retrospective - Space Wolves, Wolf Guard bikers

Today im starting what will be an irregular series of retrospective articles about a few of my older projects, that should give a bit of an insight into what I enjoy doing in the hobby.

The first army to get the retro treatment are the Space Wolves, very different to my current armies as they aren't actually mine. Firstly, some background on the project.

About 5 years ago, I was living with a good friend of mine, Sorrowshard from Rant in E Minor, going through the usual motions of a night at the painting desk (drinking a ton of whisky, not much actual painting) trying to decide on the next project. We've both been major fans of the Wolves and Nordic mythology for years, and while thumbing a well worn copy of the excellent Lone Wolves graphic novel, the idea was decided - a kill team based on the Wolf Guard from the book.
[Ss] Yeah I went all dribbly over lone wolves, best depiction of wolves I have read/seen thus far , though prospero burns may eclipse it ....I actually have both hard and softback copies of lone wolves ,lol 

They couldn't be any old Wolf Guard though, these had to be bad-ass bike riding Wolves, based on a couple of panels showing them on bikes.
[Ss] Yeah most of the ideas were mostly robbed from lone wolves plus I think I had to cook up a couple more to pad out the squad. The bitz box massacre produced these , Steve contributed some stuff , I think a load had to be mail ordered, which existed back then.  

Sorrowshard will tell you himself he's not the greatest converter on the planet so I was drafted in to do some sculpting and fix a few of his more obvious anatomy based errors. What I didn't know is that an entire army was going to follow, and we'll be showing the rest of the army in the coming weeks, with plenty of notes from the painter (Sorrowshard) and myself.

[Ss] Living so far from El'D since has forced me to up my game conversions wise, I'm still nowhere near as expert as Steve, but have definitely improved. They started of as essentially a bitz mash with crude filling, which is about as advanced as any of my 'conversions' were for years, Steve essentially cleaned them up and added some finer details. I enjoyed doing the squad so much it kinda snowballed into a whole army as doing it created a whole load of new ideas that 'had' to be pursued. El'D had to carry more and more of the modelling as the army became ever more ambitious, as you will see in the coming weeks.....  

My Eldar painting work is over on E Minor  for anyone who is interested. 

Thats about if for now, but I will have something up on sunday, starting work on one of my biggest projects yet.......

Thanks for reading.