Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Daemon and The Dandy

Went over to see Matt over at Rant in E Minor this week and had the pleasure of facing down his new Dark Eldar army. (Un) Fortunately for you, we recorded the event for posterity. It's not the greatest of vids as we're both new to the whole vid bat rep thing, but rest assured the quality can only get better.

You'll find both our lists on his blog. I won't be appearing in that many Bat Reps, but whenever I get up to Birmingham i'll make sure one happens.

Be warned, aside from strong language, the video features a disturbing moustache.

As from now i'll be aiming to post on a more regular schedule, with at least one post a week.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the video.


  1. Nice report - interesting that it seemed almost over for the Dark Eldar in the early stages of the game, but by the end of it, the situation had reversed entirely.

  2. Lots of bad luck in the first 3 turns, the dice really were against Matt. By rights the Incubi shouldn't of gone down to the blown up Rhino and would of slaughtered the rest of the squad behind.

  3. Yeah, lol, bad luck , i seem to have alot of games plagued by freak bad luck, Steve has made me promise to try new dice....

    FYI , posted our down time chat on Facetube and rant , good to see ya mate looking forward to our next game , will turn it up a notch next time, and give ToS some thought ;o)

  4. That "down time" video was cool too - Nice to see the swag you'd picked up, Steve. You got ANOTHER Centurius? Jesus...