Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Some actual progress?

Yes, the title doesn't lie, i've actually made some progress with the Orks.

Firstly, the second Big Mek has been assembled. I would of had him finished about a week ago but it took me that long to get scratch build the Kuston Force Field. Very pleased with him though, the pose in particular im quite proud of, almost like hes stomping over to a downed vehicle, ready to carve it up with his trusty burna.....

Next up today is the first ten of forty grots in the force, im aiming to paint these alternately with the Kans so I don't get too bored.

Lastly tonight, i've made a start on the first Kan. Going for a simple Goff scheme for the force, using lots of weathered black with red details and lots of black and white checks. Since this was taken i've basecoated the horns and given the whole thing a generous wash of Devlan Mud. After some quick highlights and details it should be done.

If all goes to plan over the next day or so I should have an update friday with the first of the finished Kan.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Dude , this army is going to make me weep with its sheer amazingness, I love EVERYTHING !! the scratch built Mek in particular.

    Hats off ;o)

  2. Cheers fella.

    Been a bit of a slog the last couple of weeks getting a big chunk of it assembled but should see it all coming together in the next few weeks.