Friday, 24 September 2010


Time for the look back on some older projects I've been promising. Not a world changing piece by any stretch but it's nice to go through some of the old photos occasionally to check out the older work.  The 4 armies below show the general theme to my army collecting, namely Chaos and Power Armour. No doubt there's plenty of both in the future.

Black Legion

The Black Legion were started back around 2000, when I was working for GW. I went with them for 2 reasons. First, I was completely engrossed by the background – the clone son trying to finish the fathers work, the Black Crusades and attacking Cadia etc. Secondly, I was forcing myself to learn to paint black. I painted around 2000 points, all heavily converted. The champion above lead a ‘tactical’ squad, of 10 Chaos Marines set up for tank hunting. A project close to my heart that i’ll be returning to at some point in the future.

Sword Bearers

The Sword Bearers are a Marine Chapter I created around 2007, with the help of Commissar Molotov of INQ28. Primarily a Codex chapter, I wanted to emphasize the ‘knightly’ aspects of Space Marines, without going so far as the Black Templars. The use of the Sword icon, and the weapon itself, helps to reinforce the idea. The intended project was a complete company plus support but has stalled due to the deluge of new toys GW keeps rubbing under my nose. Again another project i’ll be coming back to in the future.

Death Guard

The first part of an intended ‘trilogy’ of armies, (the Nurgle Militia and a Nurgle Daemon army filling the other spots) the Death Guard were an excuse to use the awesome Forge World conversion kits, alongside a very quick paint job. Currently sat at around 2000 points, the army was primarily done with drybrushing and the then new GW washes, easily one of the best things GW have ever put out, and something that remains a major part of my painting. I’ll be doing a full blown article on the Death Guard at some point in future.

Nurgle Militia

The Militia are the second part in my Nurgle Trilogy, a wave of diseased, twisted Traitor Guard. Going for mainly infantry in the force, alongside a horde of Plague Zombies and very few tanks. The paint job is again very quick, using the GW washes. This was also my first real attempt at damage and weathering, with lots of chipped, rusted armour. Currently put back to work on the Orks.

With the weekend upon us it means only one thing - Games Day UK. I've got my Forge World order placed (Red Scorpions, more on that soon) and a bundle of cash waiting to be spent on crack toy soldiers. All I need to do now is get up at a time far too early for normal people on a sunday morning to make my way to Birmingham. Expect something in the way of a report on monday.

Thanks for reading.


  1. These are some astonishing models. Brilliant stuff. Each is as cool as the next. Really tremendous. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Nice to see these. I've never seen pics of your Valhallans - have you got any?

    You also said you'd put up the list for your dread mob today!

    I really like your stuff, as I've said so many times
    you're my favourite painter of gw stuff due to the 'feel'
    your work has.

    I really like your Black Legion. They evoke the best aspects of the legion; hard-bitten, bitter, ruthless (and ruthlessly efficient!) I would love to see some reinforfements with new pre-heresy armour from FW!

    You know how I feel about the Sword Bearers! I hope they rise again. You suffer from the curse of too many distractions and not enough time! (Curse those Red Scorpions!)

    Have a good time at GD, Steve!

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Mol - Dread Mob list is coming, need to finalize a few things before I put anything solid down.

    Thats the only problem with this hobby, there is far too much in the way of cool ideas to not have hundreds of projects going on at once!

  4. It strikes me that it might be a good feature in the future (and a good filler for the blog) to do some more in-depth retrospectives, giving us a closer look at some of these forces. The Black Legion, for example, could show off your Vindicator, and your 'Midian-Pattern' Abaddon. And the Sword Bearers force could definitely do with a showing off!

  5. Certainly an idea, at the very least the Sword Bearers and Death Guard will get full blown articles, while the Black Legion will be more of a project article when the time comes. I might even pick up some mk3 armour tomorrow......