Sunday, 19 September 2010

Break from the Kans.....

Wow, a week between posts. Im not pleased to have a big gap between posts but real life gets in the way sometimes. This week, real life meant Halo Reach. Quick review - looks pretty, plays well but it's too short with a pretty uninspiring ending.

I know I mentioned a tutorial for the Killa Kans this week but got a little side tracked on a Deff Kopta for a monthly painting contest over on The Ammobunker forum. This month was mounted figures, so figured a Kopta would be a good bet, and still have me painting something for the army.

Not the greatest of pictures admittedly, but it gives and idea of where im heading. Still the wash to do, then its on to details and basing. One thing to mention is on the use of magnets - i've used two on the Kopta, one on the rotor blades, and another on the base. Im not the biggest fan of using magnets to fix models to bases but as im aiming to get 2000 points of Orks into the smallest case possible it was a concession I had to make. I'll go into more detail about the assembly and the fitting of the magnets when I get round to another Deff Kopta.

Next today is my round up of some of the blogs i've been watching or in the case of one, contributing to.

Dave Taylor Miniatures - Is there anyone in the hobby who hasn't seen Dave's work and gone 'that is awesome'. Fantastic work from the Ex-GW man who brought us such delights as his Legio Custodesthe Genswick 33rd and more recently his Blood Pact and the charity Storm Wardens Space Marine army.

Mister Justin - A great blog from the owner of Secret Weapon Miniatures, who specializes in resin bases and weathering products. Some excellent tutorials on the use of weathering pigments and effects.

INQ28 - A fantastic blog on a fantastic theme, Commissar Molotov has taken an idea first given birth on Dakka Dakka and ran with it, creating a huge world of Inquisitorial intrigue at 28mm. Im nearing the end of a commission for him to paint a couple of Inquisitorial warbands with some very unique figures which can be found on the blog. Also worth a mention as he has been kind enough to give me my own little corner of the blog to show off my own. I'll be adding some work at some stage of my own INQ28 warband so keep an eye out for the future.

Lastly tonight, a piece on whats coming up next week. Mid week i'll be going through my list of current hobby projects and some older ones to give a taste of whats to come from the blog, while on sunday, Games Day UK will be upon us, so expect a report as soon as I can put down the swag and sort the pictures.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hey Steve, glad to see updates - and thanks for the plug!

    Looking forward to retrospectives of your work, your armies are always very cool and it would be nice to see the range of your work.