Monday, 12 May 2014

Once more into the Breach.....

It took me a bit longer than planned to get this post up, but here it is.

The Breacher unit, a project started back in august last year, is finally finished. About bloody time too as i've very nearly shelved them a couple of times during the build and painting, for 2 reasons -

  • Game wise, Breachers are over pointed and not as useful as most other 30k squads. For example, my 10 man Breacher unit is 10 points more expensive than a 20 man Legion Tactical squad, and not quite as survivable, even with the shields.

  • Secondly, i've never liked painting things with shields - they always have a tendency to get in the way if you glue them on before painting, or as I found with the Breachers, are a pain to glue on when you've finished painting them.

Don't get me wrong, now i've finished them I think they look ace, but can't see me using them that often.

I've got the second half of the big Cataphractii unit in front of me now begging for paint - they've had some basecoats and chipping applied, a few more basecoats then they'll be ready for washing. I'll look at getting a pic or two for the next post.


  1. These look awesome. I've been tempted to pick some up but the lack of an easy 40k port has held me back.

    1. Thanks Ambit. There is a FW 40k list (Siege Assault) that lets Tactical Squads take shields, that might work for you? Either that or just run them as a Tac Squad because they look cool?

  2. use them because you can put them on a battlefield and no other reason..... stuff the cost, more marines for the grinder! :D

    1. Yup, that too. Pity your purple boys couldn't get past the shield, let alone the power armour ;)

  3. They look amazing. Such excellent work.

  4. Hey,

    These look great, would you mind explaining your Oil wash process?

    Also if you dont mind me asking, whereabouts in the UK are you? Im in the South West and struggle to find heresy players