Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I've been Liebster'ed!

Be warned. No miniatures tonight, just a lot of text. Will have the Breachers done in the next couple of days, promise!

For those that have never seen it before, the Liebster is a great way of recognising blogs people enjoy, while promoting new and exciting ones. I've found plenty of great blogs in previous Liebster lists, hopefully I can pass a few more on today.

Many thanks to Jimmy Grill over at Voyage au Centre de l'enfer for adding me to his Liebster list.

Each nominee is asked to state eleven truths about themselves, answer eleven question set by the blogger that nominated them and then to set eleven questions they would like eleven other bloggers to answer. I've got no idea why eleven is the magic number, so here goes nothing.....

Eleven truths

  1. I'm medically classed as a giant.
  2. I don't read nearly enough. My current reading list is nearly as tall as I am.
  3. I procrastinate far too much.
  4. I'm a big fan of extreme metal, the nastier the better.....
  5. ......but I'm also a Prince fan. Purple Rain is a work of genius.
  6. My wife and I are coming up on our 5th wedding anniversary.
  7. I'm a huge cat lover. We've currently got 3 - Tank, Lilith and Bryan.
  8. I've got a very puerile, base sense of humour. Nothing is too crude in my eyes.
  9. I'm the current chairman of my local gaming club, Ammobunker: South.
  10. I love to cook.
  11. I can unashamedly say I like the Alien Vs Predator movies.

Eleven questions to answer

1. If you could wish for one thing except for more wishes, what would it be?
Easy one this, health and happiness for my family. As long as I've got my wife, cats and the right people around me I don't need any wishes. Big stack of cash would be nice though ;)

2. What was the first miniature you painted?
I don't own it anymore but it was a RTB01 Space Marine that I painted as a Blood Angel.

3. What was the best miniature released last year?
There were loads of cool figures released last year, however, this was easy - Calas Typhon from Forge World.

4. What was the latest movie you watched in the cinema?
A showing of the Lamb of God documentary As the Palaces Burn.

5. Would you rather die now or live forever?
Wow, ok. Mmmmm, pros and cons to both I 'spose. Not sure I could make that call though.

6. Whom do you consider the worse geek, yourself or the hobbyists around you?
I'm a pretty big geek, but there is always one bigger depending on what exactly your geeking on.

7. The discontinued GW game you wish GW would bring back the most?
Probably Necromunda, im a big fan of small skirmish gaming. An up to date Necro would kick so much ass.

8. How many DVD's would the internet take up if you removed all the porn?
4. One for the cat pictures, one for the various miniature forums, one for fail videos and another for whats left.

9. In how many years will tabletop miniatures be 3d holograms?
Hopefully it won't happen. If it does i'll be looking for a new hobby.

10. If John Blanche and H.R.Giger had a child together, what would it look like?
Hmmm, well, it would certainly be overly phallic, probably with bionics, a big gun and puffy sleeves.

11. I accidentally the box. Is this bad?
Probably. Unless you wrecked the box in which case my cats won't play with it.

Eleven blogs to check out (in order of the last update)

Sublime Brushwork, superb blog by Stuart Thomas, member of the 'Eavy Metal team during my formative painting years.

Sprokets Small World, Slayer Sword winner David Soper. Great natural painting style.

A Galaxy In Flames What the Aussies lack in cheap toys they make up with awesome ones. Great Horus Heresy related blog.

MiniaTEXTures, the blog of Jacob Rune Nielsen. My personal painting hero.

Badab Rising A great Astral Claws/Badab War blog.

INQ28 One I've contributed painting work to, Molotov has been leading the charge with getting into the seedy underbelly of 40k with some great narrative gaming. Beware with this one, it's a pretty deep rabbit hole you're stepping in....

The Painting Bunker Another Aussie Heresy blog. Must be something in the water?

Sheep's Forlorn Hope the last Australian on the list, Sheep churns out pure hobby gold.

Mengel Miniatures Blog of Tyler Mengel, US Golden Demon winner. More beautiful Astral Claws.

Dylan Gould Some great old school figures and painting.

Razza Mini Painting Blog of Darren Latham, figure designer and ex 'Eavy Metal painter.

Eleven questions for the mentioned 11 blogs

  1. Who is the painter/artist/sculptor thats made the biggest impact on your work?
  2. Whats the one tool you couldn't live without?
  3. Whats the last album you listened to?
  4. Do you use a single particular brand of paint or do you mix ranges?
  5. Whats your biggest inspiration away from miniatures/wargaming?
  6. What else do you do for fun?
  7. Whats the worst movie you've ever seen?
  8. What initially brought you into the hobby?
  9. Have GW entered their 'Golden Age' yet or is there even better to come?
  10. When the apocalypse comes, what form will it be in?
  11. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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