Monday, 26 May 2014

More Terminators??!!

Time for another post I think...

Had an eventful couple of weeks of late, i've ended up back at work for the first time since august, celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary and saw Nine Inch Nails for the 3rd time (spoiler, they fucking killed it).

That plus GW dropping 7th ed 40k makes for a pretty eventful few days. I'll leave the analysis of the rules to others better suited but with every edition I seem to be falling further out of love with 40k gaming, though i'll always come back to the figures and world. I've got too many army projects i'd like to see come to fruition to simply drop it right now. Most of my dice throwing comes from Bolt Action these days, and given that Warlord is working on Rick Priestley's new Sci-Fi game based on the Bolt Action mechanics, I can see that becoming one of my go to games in the future.

During that time I managed to finish up another 5 Death Guard Cataphractii and start working on the first HQ for the army, Typhon.

The Cataphractii are set up in a similar way to the previous unit (well, the first half of the unit as it's now 10 strong) with a plasma blaster, combi-plasma and a power fist in addition to the combi-bolters and power axes. Should make a mess of most things they come across.

Seeing as i've made it this far without adding a HQ to the force, I figured it was about time. I wanted to add a cheap Master of Signal to add to the armies overall firepower but didn't have the energy to convert one up.

I did however, have Typhon sat in his box since he was released so though now was as good a time as any to work on him. I did manage to make a monumental cock up in tearing off the pipes that run from the top of his armour - as I was test fitting the left arm I pressed a little too hard, causing my thumb to skip over the top of the figure, shearing off all 6 of the tiny pipes. Not impressed at all. I wracked my brain trying to work out how to replace them (all 6 were lost in the carnage) but didn't want to risk cocking up even more so decided to leave the tanks smooth. 

One last thing I did was to make up a new base for him, seeing as i'll be using him more as a gaming piece he'll be based in the same way as the rest of the force. More on that later.

Next on the workbench will be a trio of Primarchs - i've got Mortarion to do for myself, and Mortarion and Horus to do for a client. I'll be adding pictures of all 3 as I work on them so stay tuned for those.....

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  1. Just lovely. Love your work on the terminators. Even though they aren't that good in the current edition or can still never have enough :).