Monday, 21 April 2014

Rising, in a zombie like fashion.......

For some reason (well, after seeing my blog pop up on the small but perfectly formed blog roll of A Galaxy In Flames, cheers fellas) I decided it'd be worth a new post to show off a couple of things i've done recently that im particularly proud of.

First up is a freshly painted unit of Grave Wardens for my Heresy era Death Guard army, some of my favourite figures from Forge World's Horus Heresy range. They've been sitting in a box waiting for paint from release day but for various reasons only got a look in over the last couple of weeks.

Grave Wardens, Death Guard Legion Astartes

Chem Master

Heavy Flamer

Chain Fist wielding lunatic

Twin 1

Twin 2

Not the last of my trip back to 30K, or the Death Guard for that matter.....

The second thing I wanted to showcase was a project i've had on my mind for the last year or so, well, at least since I saw the Death Guard Legion Contemptor. I knew I needed to corrupt it to fit with my 40K Death Guard, I just needed to decide how.

Thematically I wanted to tie the Contemptor to the same look as the Death Guard Terminator kit by Forge World, primarily using the spikes on the top of the body, the broken pipe work and the boils.

I had a lot of fun putting it together, the next one will be in the white of the 30K Death Guard. I had though of keeping the weapon loadout the same on both pre and post Heresy machines but a Mortis with two assault cannons is too cool a weapon to pass up. I might have to play about with some magnets.......

Lastly today, a peek at what im working on next. Just before christmas I finished the first 5 figures for a Breacher squad, though it might be time to finish them off before moving onto something fun.

Command elements and special issue weapons, Death Guard Legion Astartes Breacher Squad

Thanks for reading, with any luck (and some appropriately placed pressure) I might try and keep the blog updated a little more regularly.


  1. Today seems to be a good day to return to the Blogosphere :]

    I must say your Death Guard Terminators have come out exceedingly good, the colour scheme and the painting style combine for a remarkable result. I really like this kind of gritty and grimey style much much more than the shiney and clear-cut style you see on most minis nowadays. Very well done indeed!

  2. Thanks Jimmy. There's some great stuff floating around the vlogs at the moment, fingers crossed I can keep the updates coming this time.