Friday, 25 April 2014

Well ok, just a small one......

A quick post tonight, for some reason felt inspired to throw something up.

I've been procrastinating as per usual the last day or so and in doing so, made mistakes. That'll be the Breacher's shields into the stripper then. I didn't let that stop me though, and got the transfers and armour basecoats done on them so I can now move onto the chipping.

WIP Death Guard Breachers

Also had a package of Cataphractii Terminators turn up today so i'll move onto those next, taking the squad to 10 strong. Might have to change some of the weapon fits around on the current squad, the idea of two Reaper Autocannons is quite appealing.....

Normally I wouldn't feel too bad about leaving it there but I feel the need to show off a figure I finished recently (well, over xmas) that im quite proud of.

I fancied doing a small project over the xmas period as I had the time off and thought a new lord for my post Heresy Death Guard would fit the bill, Typhus can't be everywhere after all. Wanted something cheep and cheerful to lead a Terminator unit so out cane the Burning Brand and a Power Axe.

Conversion wise he's quite involved, using parts from FW's Death Guard Terminator and Lugft Huron kits, a handful of parts from the Terminator Lord kit and a head from the recent recut Tactical Squad sprue. A few extra Nurgleish details and he was ready for the brush.

If i've got nothing worthwhile to say next time I post i'll throw up some pics of his Terminator buddies. Reminds me, I really should do a run of articles about the post Heresy Death Guard at some point....

For now, thanks for reading.


  1. nice work bud..... ur deathguard make me jealous with my 5 layer purple paint :(

    1. I'd lose patience if I was painting 5 layers on the Death Guard, though I go through enough grief with them now as it is!

  2. That is one fantastic looking Nurgle lord! I was a bit uncertain of a good use for that head until I saw this model. It works wonderfully for such a character. I like the unassuming yet powerful pose he is in as well. Excellent incorporation of Huron's flame thrower, and positioning of his head to make it look like he is about to incinerate some loyalist scum!

    1. Thanks Eric. it was the head that inspired me to make a start on the figure to be honest - it's not a head i'd use in a loyal Marine army but had to squeeze it into a Nurgle force somewhere. Given i'd only use it once I though it had to be a character.