Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Germans and Questions.........

Been a quiet few days around here, the only real noise being made being the screaming as I get to grips with Windows 8, but more on that later.

Operation: Clean Desk is moving slowly forward, with the German Squad now having it's basecoats.....

.......and wash applied.

A few quick and dirt highlights and basing and these fellas will be done. Next up for work will be another 5 Astartes for my Heresy Era Death Guard army and possibly a start on my Blood Bowl team, but that's for another post.

Painting Black

A lot of the 40k rumours over the last few days have been pointing to a Black Legion supplement for the Chaos Marine Codex, something I'm very much looking forward to as a Black Legionnaire for many years.

I've painted black many different ways over the years and I think it my be time for a change for my new Black Legion force - what are your favourite methods for painting black? Feel free to throw a link up to pictures of your own examples or stuff you've found online.

Photo Editing

I had a sad feeling this would come. I recently updated my main PC and it came with Windows 8 as the standard operating system. I'm going to be fair to it and stick with it for a month or two before making the decision to keep it or replace it with Vista. My one problem is the way pictures are dealt with - my usual process is to do a basic white balance/crop job using Gimp but I feel it's lacking of late. What do you like to use for editing photos? Have you found anything useful online to help out?

I'll throw up a post later in the week hopefully with the finished German unit and a collection of the links you might throw up.

Until next time, may your end stay wet and pointy.......


  1. ah bolt action, I survived the nagging of both HMD and Gonzo so never bought any of that stuff they do have some very nice models though.

    Thinking of chaos what happened to those red corsairs you started? was looking forward to seeing your take on them.

    Bear with windows 8 when it was first released it was a nightmare at work but once you get used to it, its not so bad just a case of finding where they hide a lot of stuff.

    also welcome back to the blogging side of things :)

  2. Bolt Action is a great rule set, much more intuitive than 40k for example.

    The Corsairs got shelved for a while, burned out on them too fast and haven't gone back. They might well get picked up again at some point. Got my Black Legion to sort first ;)