Friday, 26 July 2013

Finished Germans and untouched Astartes..........

The posts keep coming, much to my shock I can tell you, particularly given how infrequent they used to be!

I've finished up the Germans I was working on finally, glad to see the back of them to be honest, they've been sat on the desk for a while half finished and now they are done I can move onto something else.

German Infantry Squad for Bolt Action by Warlord Games. Click the pic for a better look!

Next up another 5 Mk3 Astartes for my Heresy era Death Guard army to add to a Tactical Squad. For those not familiar with Forge World's excellent Betrayal book, Tactical Squads can be up to 20 Astartes strong - with the Death Guard's preference for infantry assaults a 20 strong squad was to me the best place to start the army. This will be 11-15 of the squad, with the command element to add last.

Mk3 Legion Astartes pre-paint

When I get a bit more time I'll be looking to do a tutorial for how I paint the Death Guard, anyone interested?


  1. Those are nice looking Germans! I, too, have been splitting my hobby time between Bolt Action and 40k. My FLGS is doing a Bolt Action escalation league now. Check out my own blog to see pics of my own Germans and various 40k stuff.

    It's awesome to see more Bolt Action on the net!

    1. Cheers Murphy. I'll always love 40k and everything about it but I think for gaming, Bolt Action is the better system. Everything about it flows really well. Trying to get my usual group looking at some Weird War stuff in out games as well to get my sci-fi fix at the same time.

  2. Weird war stuff is brilliant, great for adding a bit if levity to an otherwise serious topic. Shame you're not doing Yanks, you'd do a great job on a 28mm Cap'n 'Murica. . .