Friday, 15 October 2010

Another Kan?

Not much to report for the last couple of weeks, im still reeling from the Forge World mojo killing from Games Day/

On the plus side, i've managed to get a couple of things done. Firstly, another character for Mol over at Inq28, and another Killa Kan, bringing the current total to 3.

I've also made a start on the first of 2 Deff Dreads for the army. This is at the basecoat stage, next its on to the washes, which should take half the time the basecoats took. Expect some finished photos in the next couple of days.

Thats about it today, though I can't really sign off without thanking Mol at Inq28 for the large box he sent me last week. Not going to give up too many details of whats in it, though it will be Mega....

Thanks for reading.


  1. Ooh Shiny,(well) it continues painting else it gets the hose :oP

  2. Here , mate you will love this , a stompa built from a real mister potato head ,

    love IT !!

  3. Favourite of mine that one, followed it as it was being made over on the Waaagh forums. I'd try one myself if I didn't have a FW Mega Dread to work on.

  4. Ah well , not surprised you had found it already ;o)