Wednesday 4 September 2013

Brutes and Bronze Beasts.....

Firstly, the Brutes of the title, in the shape of the wip Death Guard Cataphractii. 

This is once all of the basecoats have gone on and the chipped paintwork done before oil washing. Probably some of my favourite Forge World figures to date, and certainly some that will grace my desk again at some stage.

Death Guard Cataphractii Terminators, wip

Secondly, the Bronze Beasts, or more specifically, Space Marines from the Minotaurs chapter. I've been threatening some 'Taurs for a while now and with the new Codex on the horizon I'll be adding a few units to my current force. I'll be using the Forge World books for much of my reference moving forward, Imperial Armour's 10 (Badab War) and 12 (Fall of Orpheus). Fingers crossed that we get an update of the Siege Assault list from IA10 as that's the list I generally run with them. 

For now though, a look back at a few of the Tactical Marines that make up the army.

Minotaurs Tactical Combat Squad

Next time I should have the Cataphractii finished, potentially something Contemptor shaped and the next stage in the evolution of the Minotaurs.

Sunday 1 September 2013

Astartes Anonymous?

Been a bit quiet of late sadly, I'd been gearing up for a second round of spinal surgery for a while only to be told that the op had been cancelled and moved to a different hospital. Shame they told me that while I'd already been sat in a waiting room for 4 hours already.

On a brighter note, I finally managed to finish up the first full 20 strong Legion Tactical Squad for my Heresy-era Death Guard army. Bit of procrastination to get there but I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Death Guard Legion Tactical Squad

The Sergeant is my favourite figure in the squad, probably as it's the only figure that isn't holding a bolter across it's chest! Still, a squad this size will make a mess when it finally gets onto a table.

Next up for the Death Guard will be a squad of Terminators, all in Cataphractii armour, probably my favourite of the Terminator armour designs. Went plasma heavy with this squad as my local meta is heavy on MEQ's.

Death Guard Cataphractii Terminators wip

Lastly, the behemoth that is a new Space Marine codex is on the horizon. Personally I can't wait, having played Marines since I got into 40k close to 20 years ago. I'm going to put my hands up and admit I was tempted to paint a new Ultramarines army with this release, but good sense over ruled, coupled with a desire to see the Centurions in a Minotaurs scheme. Speaking of which i'll come back in the week with an update on the Cataphractii and a glimpse into what i've already done with the Minotaurs.