Monday 27 September 2010

UK GD Fail?

Well, GD UK 2010 has been and gone, what did I learn from it?

Forge World really need to get there act in gear regarding queueing systems. 

This year was an absolute mess, with people mobbing together, handing over their reservation emails, then being told do get into a second scrum (I refuse to call it a queue any more) where a single staff member calls out peoples names so they can pay. Overall I spent 2 hours waiting to pick up a reservation order. I thought reservations were meant to make things easier? Also, 2 hours out of a 6 hour day (UKGD runs 10am to 4pm) leaving 4 hours of the day left. I paid £30 for a ticket to stand in line for 2 hours? Not impressed.

I ended up on the phone to Forge World this morning to sort out some missing pieces (MK3 marines with no legs) and asked about the massive hold up - seemingly they were expecting around 150-200 reservation orders, but received close to 700. I would of thought that around 400% more orders than you were expecting would warrant a few more staff manning the reservation area.

On the other hand, they pulled out loads of cool stuff to show off, the new Warhammer Forge range being particularly interesting. I managed to pick up the 2 figures they were selling on the day, a Chaos Ogre and a Plague Toad with rider, which is basically a huge chaotically mutated toad with a Plague bearer riding it. Had to get one of those, im sure I can find a home for it in my Nurgle army. I would post some pics up, but after the sour taste Forge World left I really had no patience the rest of the day and didn't take any.

On the downside,as with every Games Day, I came home wanting to paint everything apart from what im actually working on (the Orks), though I shall force myself through the barrier and start work on the next of the Killa Kans, complete with tutorial on how I paint them. Dark Eldar will certainly be making an appearance at some point on the blog, even if it's just for something different to paint. Easily some of the best sculpts to come from GW in a while. Then there are the Word Bearers I want to paint in mk3 armour, and the Red Scorpions I need to start on, the list is endless.

For those of you that have got this far through all the text, I can only apologise. After GD I wanted to do a decent write-up of the day with loads of cool pictures but the scrum really took the wind out of my sails. As a thank you for getting this far I though i'd pull out an old figure from the photo archive that wouldn't of normally come out. This pre-heresy Dark Angel was an entry into a GW painting contest a couple of years ago, where it took top honours. Converted from Chaos Warrior, Marine and Chaos Marine parts, with plenty of Green Stuff.

Thanks for reading, hopefully the next post will be a bit more upbeat!

Friday 24 September 2010


Time for the look back on some older projects I've been promising. Not a world changing piece by any stretch but it's nice to go through some of the old photos occasionally to check out the older work.  The 4 armies below show the general theme to my army collecting, namely Chaos and Power Armour. No doubt there's plenty of both in the future.

Black Legion

The Black Legion were started back around 2000, when I was working for GW. I went with them for 2 reasons. First, I was completely engrossed by the background – the clone son trying to finish the fathers work, the Black Crusades and attacking Cadia etc. Secondly, I was forcing myself to learn to paint black. I painted around 2000 points, all heavily converted. The champion above lead a ‘tactical’ squad, of 10 Chaos Marines set up for tank hunting. A project close to my heart that i’ll be returning to at some point in the future.

Sword Bearers

The Sword Bearers are a Marine Chapter I created around 2007, with the help of Commissar Molotov of INQ28. Primarily a Codex chapter, I wanted to emphasize the ‘knightly’ aspects of Space Marines, without going so far as the Black Templars. The use of the Sword icon, and the weapon itself, helps to reinforce the idea. The intended project was a complete company plus support but has stalled due to the deluge of new toys GW keeps rubbing under my nose. Again another project i’ll be coming back to in the future.

Death Guard

The first part of an intended ‘trilogy’ of armies, (the Nurgle Militia and a Nurgle Daemon army filling the other spots) the Death Guard were an excuse to use the awesome Forge World conversion kits, alongside a very quick paint job. Currently sat at around 2000 points, the army was primarily done with drybrushing and the then new GW washes, easily one of the best things GW have ever put out, and something that remains a major part of my painting. I’ll be doing a full blown article on the Death Guard at some point in future.

Nurgle Militia

The Militia are the second part in my Nurgle Trilogy, a wave of diseased, twisted Traitor Guard. Going for mainly infantry in the force, alongside a horde of Plague Zombies and very few tanks. The paint job is again very quick, using the GW washes. This was also my first real attempt at damage and weathering, with lots of chipped, rusted armour. Currently put back to work on the Orks.

With the weekend upon us it means only one thing - Games Day UK. I've got my Forge World order placed (Red Scorpions, more on that soon) and a bundle of cash waiting to be spent on crack toy soldiers. All I need to do now is get up at a time far too early for normal people on a sunday morning to make my way to Birmingham. Expect something in the way of a report on monday.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Get to da Choppa!

First of the Deff Koptas is finally finished! Would of been done a day or so ago but Nurgle decided to gift me with a cold. Not happy.

Not much of a post tonight im afraid as im feeling rotten. Friday however, i'll be attempting to go through some of my projects, old and new.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Break from the Kans.....

Wow, a week between posts. Im not pleased to have a big gap between posts but real life gets in the way sometimes. This week, real life meant Halo Reach. Quick review - looks pretty, plays well but it's too short with a pretty uninspiring ending.

I know I mentioned a tutorial for the Killa Kans this week but got a little side tracked on a Deff Kopta for a monthly painting contest over on The Ammobunker forum. This month was mounted figures, so figured a Kopta would be a good bet, and still have me painting something for the army.

Not the greatest of pictures admittedly, but it gives and idea of where im heading. Still the wash to do, then its on to details and basing. One thing to mention is on the use of magnets - i've used two on the Kopta, one on the rotor blades, and another on the base. Im not the biggest fan of using magnets to fix models to bases but as im aiming to get 2000 points of Orks into the smallest case possible it was a concession I had to make. I'll go into more detail about the assembly and the fitting of the magnets when I get round to another Deff Kopta.

Next today is my round up of some of the blogs i've been watching or in the case of one, contributing to.

Dave Taylor Miniatures - Is there anyone in the hobby who hasn't seen Dave's work and gone 'that is awesome'. Fantastic work from the Ex-GW man who brought us such delights as his Legio Custodesthe Genswick 33rd and more recently his Blood Pact and the charity Storm Wardens Space Marine army.

Mister Justin - A great blog from the owner of Secret Weapon Miniatures, who specializes in resin bases and weathering products. Some excellent tutorials on the use of weathering pigments and effects.

INQ28 - A fantastic blog on a fantastic theme, Commissar Molotov has taken an idea first given birth on Dakka Dakka and ran with it, creating a huge world of Inquisitorial intrigue at 28mm. Im nearing the end of a commission for him to paint a couple of Inquisitorial warbands with some very unique figures which can be found on the blog. Also worth a mention as he has been kind enough to give me my own little corner of the blog to show off my own. I'll be adding some work at some stage of my own INQ28 warband so keep an eye out for the future.

Lastly tonight, a piece on whats coming up next week. Mid week i'll be going through my list of current hobby projects and some older ones to give a taste of whats to come from the blog, while on sunday, Games Day UK will be upon us, so expect a report as soon as I can put down the swag and sort the pictures.

Thanks for reading.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Sunday update.....

Seeing as i've not got much that could be deemed useful to say tonight i'll leave you with pictures of the current state of the army, 2 finished Killa Kans.

If all goes to plan i'll be putting up a tutorial next week.

First the newest Kan.

Next the 2 Kans together.

 Thanks for reading.

Friday 10 September 2010

A Kan and a question......

I've had a couple of productive evenings so far this week and in the process managed to get the first of 9 Killa Kans finished. I say finished but it's not quite there as i've still got the base to do. More on that later.

I've deliberately gone for a very dirty/rusty feel as a bit of a cheat, the paint job is very quick and the weathering covers up a multitude of mistakes. To go from undercoat to the stage in the pictures has taken around 4 hours so far, not that much really when you consider the size. When im a couple of models into the force i'll knock up a tutorial for painting a Kan from start to finish.

The only problem im having at the moment is deciding on what to do with the bases. Previous armies i've done have all ended up being the usual sand/static grass combo seen virtually everywhere and while I think it looks ok, i'd like to try something different with the Orks. If you've got any thoughts i'd love to hear them.

Secondly, this week I was welcomed into the From The Warp blogging community, a hub of some of the best 40k blogs around the web.

To mark this, at least once a week i'll pick a few of my favourite blogs and do a little promo for them. If I read them, surely you should too?

Stahly's Paint Station, one of my favourite blogs at the moment for the sheer amount of great work Stahly posts. Some excellent tutorials on a variety of subjects that are well worth a read no matter what your painting.

A Gentleman's Ones, b.smooth's excellent blog covers a wide range of hobby related goodness, from campaign progress to painting tutorials. Another worthy addition to any blog roll.

Rant in E Minor The (mostly) Eldar related blog of Sorrowshard, a very good friend of mine. While he paints at a snail's pace, his work is some of the best i've seen anywhere in the world. Has quite a love/hate relationship with the Eldar, but is always pushing to see what the book can do. If the big blocks of text don't put you off and you like pointy ears it's well worth a read.

Now to go back and agonize over how to paint the base of the Kan. Might even be time for a cup of tea. Until next time, thanks for reading.


Wednesday 8 September 2010

A quick thank you.....

Work has been going at a furious pace on the first of the Kans, should have some completed shots by the weekend.

Speaking of Kans, I wanted to say thanks to the US sized generosity of B.Smooth over at A Gentleman's Ones for sending me a box of Killa Kans and s smart t-shirt from all the way over the pond, just for entering a banner contest. I didn't even win and I still got a prize! You can't beat that kind of generosity.

It's a fantastic blog to read with loads of great ideas, certainly one I will be checking out for plenty of time to come.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Some actual progress?

Yes, the title doesn't lie, i've actually made some progress with the Orks.

Firstly, the second Big Mek has been assembled. I would of had him finished about a week ago but it took me that long to get scratch build the Kuston Force Field. Very pleased with him though, the pose in particular im quite proud of, almost like hes stomping over to a downed vehicle, ready to carve it up with his trusty burna.....

Next up today is the first ten of forty grots in the force, im aiming to paint these alternately with the Kans so I don't get too bored.

Lastly tonight, i've made a start on the first Kan. Going for a simple Goff scheme for the force, using lots of weathered black with red details and lots of black and white checks. Since this was taken i've basecoated the horns and given the whole thing a generous wash of Devlan Mud. After some quick highlights and details it should be done.

If all goes to plan over the next day or so I should have an update friday with the first of the finished Kan.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Fiddling with sheet styrene......

Quick update for the evening, with a wip shot of the 2nd Big Mek's Kustom Force Field.

I wanted to get it looking similar to the stock metal piece as im not a fan of the usual style of throwing as many 'techy' looking parts onto the back of an Ork and calling it quits. Still need to decide what im going to add on top of the main vane, some more detail and finally the burna fuel tanks. Hopefully i'll be able to get him finished in the next couple of days.