Sunday, 19 June 2011

Another day, another late blog post.......

I think at this point im stuck with sporadic blog entries, for those that visit occasionally hoping for a new post, I apologise. I think If I can manage a new post at least once every 2 weeks then i'll be happy. Anything on top of that is a bonus.

On a modelling related note, i've been a slave to Forge World the last couple of days hacking away at Renegade Militia torsos to get arms that fit with a minimum of green stuff work. Im not afraid to throw a bit of the ol' green onto a fig but I resent paying top dollar for parts and then they fit badly.

But I digress. I've actually managed to get the 2nd and 3rd Autocannon teams I want in the army assembled, with the 4th on the way. The majority of the time is spent hacking up bases and plasticard to make a slot in the base for the 2nd crewman to go - I was torn between modelling each as mini dioramas or making the crewman removable for ease of keeping track of wounds. Seeing as the bases on my Nurgle Militia are quite plain, I went for the latter.

I also managed to kick out one of the gorgeous Forge World Nurgle Preachers in a record time recently. It's a very '90's' figure, but the sculpting and detail work is phenomenal. Very understated and one of my favourite FW figs. You'll have to excuse the rough freehand though, I was trying to get it finished at about 5am.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

As asked, a shot of an Autocannon team minus the removable loader. If i'd of thought about it before i'd of done a tutorial, but i'll have some more heavy weapon teams to do in the future so you'll have to wait for that im afraid.


  1. Preacher looks gorgeous, do so like the two Nurgle is why I got Sheep to paint them for me...

    For the weapon teams, wouldn't it of been easier to cut a hole in the base and use styrene on the inside rather than having to put the new section in?

    How is the back doing? Any better post Bash?

  2. I like the removable bases. I was thinking of doing something similar, but I think you've hit upon the best solution. Despite the fun of modelling mini-dioramas, I always thought the shift to 1-model weapons teams somehow made squads feel smaller. Plus it's a great way of marking wounds - I'm trying to think up a way of doing so on characters using removable parts.
    Incidentally, would it be possible to post a shot of what the bases look like with the loader removed?

  3. @Rictus - The styrene on the top of the base is level with the 25mm base on the removable figure, i've sloped the sides to better blend it with the rest of the base. I've put a couple of pieces underneath for depth and an end cap to hold it all in. Don't fancy the loader slipping through the base if I move them.

    The back is still painful, but hopefully i'll be going for a scan this week to see whats actually up.

    @Januarius - Thanks, i've edited the post to include a pic of the removed loader. If I get a chance i'll take some pics of the unpaainted ones to give you a better idea of whats going on.

  4. Man I love the nurgle themed guard , do the zombies go with this lot too ? I wanna finish my army and get a bat rep going, I think your Renegade guard will be awesome, though I am conscious of a certain ork project being quiet ...

  5. Yup, zombies go with this lot. Orks were always going to be a side project, you ever known me to go longer than a couple of weeks without tinkering with a Chaos fig? I will get back to them at some point, just got a lot that I want to do.