Thursday, 19 May 2011

Life, Death and Undeath

First up, apologies for the lack of posts recently, my current illness has quashed most of my hobby mojo. Hopefully I can start to get back on track in the next few weeks.

Been a strange few weeks in world, most of it spent in agony due to a bout of Sciatica - still on pain meds with potential surgery incoming.

Went off to Germany for a week with the wife, the majority being pretty uneventful until we hit a town called Darmstadt, where our host introduced me to a friend of hers that owns a FLGS, full of everything you'd expect in a decent store. The owners english was very good so we spent the best part of 3 hours talking hobby.

After having a look about I spotted a holy grail of sorts, a rack of OOP and generally old GW stuff, a lot of it from around 15-20 years ago, the oldest figs being Dark Elf Cold One Riders, back from the times when the mount was as skinny as the elf riding it. Not being a Dark Elf player I passed, but soon discovered some useful stuff.

GorkaMorka Digga Trukk (soon to be converted to Traitor use), a Chaos Blood Bowl team, blister of Chaos Cheerleaders and 2 blisters of Plague Marine Special Weapons, from the time of the current metal Plague Marines and shortly discontinued. Pretty chuffed with these as they were all mint, the boxes themselves still being shrink wrapped.

As a side note, if anyone has any of the old Chaos Blood Bowl minis to shift, let me know!

Later that evening we headed off to a Goth Club, strangely enough called Das Biergarten. Excellent night all round, much beer was consumed and much hobby was spoken of (the FLGS owner is a regular). It's quite an odd feeling hearing Rammstein in a German club.

Then we came home, and my cat died. Hit me pretty hard as he'd grown up with me since I was a child. In spite of that, I went out and got myself a new tattoo to remember him by.

Then, The Spider's Web, The Ammobunker forum's Games Day table for this year started taking shape, with myself deciding it would be a great idea to co-ordinate the kill teams. Got a room to build for that so keep an eye on the thread for all the progress.

We're nearly at the end, hang on.

After a few days of organising GD stuff I figured I better get some of my own painting done to ward of the madness. Enter some Zombies. 5 of exactly the same zombie figure (seeing as i've got 13 of this fig alone) to make a start on the 25 i've got to do. Im aiming to get these done in time for the Ammobunker Open as im planning on taking down a Nurgle Traitor list with me.

Nice and quick these, lots of washes and hardly any highlighting. Real lazy painting.

For those of you that made it to the end of the wall of text, cheers. For those that didn't read the text and just looked at the pictures, shame on you! A large man will be knocking on your door shortly.

In the coming weeks there'll be a couple of Retrospectives, first up will be the next instalment of the Space Wolves series, then a series on my Death Guard army.

Thanks for reading.



    As I said it when you had the op I thought I would say it this time as well.

    Looks like a nice haul, especially the GorkaMorka trukk. I would happily sell an arm to get hold of some of the Digga cavalry figures.

    Zombies are looking nice, seeing the finished force on the day will be one of the highlights I think.

    Finally, sorry for the loss of the cat. Been through it myself and wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    See, I read through all of it. I'm a good Rictus me.

  2. Nice little haul you've got there, some of the older stuff still stands up to recent releases.

    I like the Zombies, shame about the monopose but in a massive horde they'll look fine.

  3. GORKAMORKA! I have a bunch of it around. Had the boxset.
    ZOMBIES! I wanted to use some zombie minis for a Nurgle army I want to do eventually and I really like those ones you got there.

  4. Wow, Epic post !! welcome back my man, radar silence sucks :o(

    You seem to be making a habit of these 'vintage' hauls , nice one mayhaps you will become an ebay god ?

    And for what they are the zombies are great , in a mass it'll be epic, personally i like mine a little more raw looking and bloody, splatter ftw !!

    Looking forward to MoAR !

  5. Cheers gents.

    Must admit i've got a bit of a fetish for old school figs, no idea why considering the quality compared to the current level of sculpting.