Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Second Coming.......

A week between updates? That's better. 

Managed to knock out the second Deff Dread this week, bringing the painted total to 2 Deff Dreads, 3 Killa Kans and a Big Mek. Must admit im relieved to have it finished, the sheer amount of chipping on it is a real time killer.

Next up for the Orks will be the second Big Mek, which i'll be showing a WIP of next week.

Also coming up next week will be the start of a retrospective series focusing on my Death Guard army, who will soon be receiving some reinforcements in the form of some Traitor Militia and a small warband of Chaos Renegades. I'll be starting the retrospective next sunday, Dec 5th.

Until next time, thanks for reading.


  1. Looks very nice; much more menacing than the GW ones. I like what you did with the scorcha!

  2. If anything that is better than the first , wish I could nail down a DE scheme , your kicking my ass for quantity AND quality atm, you seem to have a gift for this ork stuff ......