Sunday, 29 August 2010

Enter the Orks.....

Bit too long between the first post and now, I should really try to sort that out.

Anyway, on to the first 'proper' post of the blog, with some pictures to boot.

My current project is an Ork 'Dread Mob', which can be created using either the Ork codex or Forge World's Imperial Armour Vol 8. Either list lets you take Deff Dreads as Troop choices, so long as a Big Mek is taken as a HQ choice.

So im going to take two meks, and have my basic troop choices filled by Dreadnoughts. Nice.

First up, the currently un-named Mek 1. Im using the Nobz box set to build my Big Meks, the metal Mek figures, although some of the nicest figs in the Ork range, are a little too small to be leading an army. The Kustom Force Field has been lifted from a metal Mek though, and the Burna is from the Lootas and Burnas sprue. A plasticard welding mask finishes him off.

Next, the 2 troop choice Deff Dreads. These have had magnets in the arm sockets so the arms can be safely removed for transport. Speaking of transport, go and check out Battlefoam, they make some of the best cases and foam i've ever come across. Im hoping to get close to 2000 points of Orks into a PACK 432 case, which is only going to be made possible with having the arms magnetised.

The Scorcha arms are from the Killa Kan box as I think it balances the model better than having a single weapon attached to the body without an arm. Also, the regular exhausts have been swapped for more subtle ones made from plastic tube.

Lastly for this post, the first of the Killa Kan mobs. I love these models, loads of character and an absolute joy to put together. Again these have had magnets in the arms sockets for transport. I've used the rokkit launcher from the Deff Dread kit on these to deliberately unbalance them. A nod to the old metal Kans, and one that reinforces the fact that Grots are piloting them.

Thats all for now, the next post should have an update on the second of the Big Meks, possibly even some more Killa Kans.


  1. i really like the old Skool cans and the custom mek is really cool , love the welding mask !!!

  2. Cheers fella. Currently trying to make a plasticard version of the metal kustom force field part, should have some progress up tomorrow.